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Our duty as physiotherapists is to maintain and restore the functional capabilities of your body.

At OrthoTraumaWien we offer physiotherapy in the field of orthopaedics and trauma. This includes pre-operative support, rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery as well as after fractures, ligament- or sports-related injuries. In addition we manage and treat limitations in function, instability, arthritis, posture-related problems and many more.

In the first treatment session we conduct a thorough examination and discuss the main problems. We then develop a treatment plan tailored individually to your needs.

Please bring your GP’s or specialist’s referral (Verordnung) as well as any other relevant results and diagnostic findings to your first treatment session, including MRIs and x-rays.

Should you be unable to attend an appointment, we ask you to inform us at least 24h in advance, otherwise the appointment will have to be charged.  

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